I grew up in church where I stood on a stage for the first time. My mom sang in the choir and so by the time I was five I was singing duets with mom and with other kids my age.

Mom was a theater teacher so at a pretty young age I started taking singing, dancing, acting workshops at Santa Clara University. I continued to sing in church until high school when I joined my first band. I had several bands in my early 20's but didn’t do much digging until I entered the world of Swing and Rockabilly. I have had Swing, Rockabilly and Jump Blues bands which was introduced to me by a mentor by the name of Andy Santana, an incredibly talented singer and harp player from Santa Cruz. He handed me a cassette tape and told me to learn the songs. There were such artists as Lavern Baker, Wynona Carr and Ruth Brown whom I still consider my vocal idols to this day; along with Keely Smith, Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday. I now have two projects, MarciJean and the Belmont Kings, a 1940s/50s Jump Blues band, and Faunt, which is nostalgic to my youth growing up in church. It is bluegrass and country gospel. Both of these bands include lots of cover songs from their genres, but also many originals. I love writing music - maybe even more than singing it.